New Doorways

new doorways
New Doorways

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What I like about these is that they can be displayed on a shelf, on my desk, on the wall. I also like the way some of them have no up or down so I can display them in other orientations. That’s cool ..Carol N. Oregon

Needs no frame

New Doorways Artist Statement

New Doorways represents new beginnings for me, a bright new positive outlook where beauty is the intent. It is the one people click on because it’s beautiful and, if they buy it, is because the art represents shared emotions…….David Michael Jackson

Branded and Digitally Signed

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Justyna K United States

The painting is a whimsical figure resembling a tortoise in the style of Paul Klee and Miro.

Amy J United States

The quality and colors are amazing. I am delighted to have original uniThis was exactly what I was looking for to accent my living room! The colors pop and all my friends ask where I found such a great piece.

Ann T United States

Love the depth of vision in David’s “The Arrival”—birth, its complexity and its power in context-couldn’t resist getting this.